Reach more customers via partnerships

Build partnerships with complimentary brands in just a few clicks. Reach your partner's customers with your brand's offer and increase your sales. Only pay for results.

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Why PostPerk

Smart ecommerce brands choose PostPerk to automate their partnerships. It's quick, easy and you only pay when you acquire new customers.

Reach more customers

By partnering you with complimentary brands, PostPerk puts your brand's message in front of the right people at the right time.

Increase conversion rates

PostPerk increases your conversion rate at checkout by incentivising unsure customers with a gift voucher from one of your partner brands.

Risk-free and easy

Getting set up is quick and painless - our expert team does the heavy lifting for you. Also, you only pay when we deliver results.

How it works

1. Easy Setup

We match you with complimentary brands with similar customer profiles.

2. Reach new customers

When people buy from your partners' stores, they also get a gift code for your brand.

3. Increase conversions

We incentivise your customers to buy at checkout with a 'mystery gift' from a partner brand.

4. Sell more

You and your partners sell more stuff. We only get paid when you do.

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